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Supplying Hawaii with fresh chicken since 1960

50th State Poultry is a company that delivers fresh, mainland chickens to many of Oahu's restaurants and markets. Our fresh and 100% natural chickens are all USDA inspected to provide our customers with the highest quality product possible. We are a company committed to excellence in both our customer service, and in our chicken products.

Foodservice Products and Retail Products

If you have a restaurant that needs fresh chickens or chicken products in bulk, 50th State Poultry can provide them for you. We have a wide range of chicken parts that can be customized to suit your needs. 50th State Poultry also produces packaged retail products for sale in markets. For additional information on Foodservice and Retail products, please click on the links above.

Fundraising Opportunities

In addition to our fresh chicken products, we also provide many of Oahu's clubs and organizations with fundraising opportunities with our Hoku BBQ Chicken Fundraiser. BBQ chicken has proven to be an effective fundraising product for many organizations in the state of Hawaii, and it can be effective for you too! We'll help you to make whatever your fundraising goal a reality.

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